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Letras Libres and the Legacy of Octavio Paz

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Letras Libres and the Legacy of Octavio Paz

Activité organisée par le coordinateur du pôle Washington de l'IdA, Michael Stricoff, dans le cadre du nouveau séminaire d'échanges entre le CLAS (Center for Latin american studies) de Georgetown University et l'IdA et également du 20ème anniversaire de la mort d'Octavio Paz.

2018 marks the 20th anniversary of Nobel Laureate Octavio Paz's death.

Dr. Paul-Henri Giraud will explore the intersection between Paz's intellectual heritage as seen in the literary journal Letras Libres and the poet's deep concern for politics, society, literature, and art.

The Mexican literary journal Letras Libres, founded in 1999 by the historian Enrique Krauze (born in 1947), was inspired by journals founded and edited by the poet, essayist and Nobel laureate Octavio Paz (1914-1998): Plural (1971-1976) and Vuelta(1976-1998). For twenty years, Krauze was general editor then deputy director of Vuelta.

Dr. Paul-Henri Giraud asks to what extent Letras Libres adopted the heritage of Paz and his journals, and to what extent the journal remains the premier forum for the discussion of literature, art, history and politics in Mexico from cosmopolitan, Hispanic and Latin American perspectives.

This talk is the second in a series co-hosted by CLAS and the Institut des Amériques.


Georgetown University, ICC Bldg
McGhee Library
3700 O Street NW
Washington, DC 20057
United States

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