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Symposium Annuel du Pôle Californie

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Contemporary Indigenous and Native American Cultures in North and Central America

In collaboration with UCLA, the Institut des Amériques (IdA) will hold its second annual symposium. This event, co-organized with the Latin American Institute and the American Indian Studies Center, will focus on some major issues affecting Indigenous cultures in Central America, Mexico and the United States.

Globalization and migration have complicated perceptions of who is Indigenous or Native American in the Americas. Changing sociocultural, economic and geopolitical contexts shape individual and collective identities, often forged in response to confrontations or oppositions, negotiations and adaptations. Many scholars tend to analyze indigenous identities in North America and Latin America separately, despite the emergence of Pan-american solidarities and trans-national organizations. In this changing environment, we seek to consider how cultural identities are constructed and reconstructed? How do the collective identities of ethnic communities respond to specific needs and aspirations? And how are identities shaped by other variables, such as gender, generation, or educational background, to name only a few?

The IdA California Hub brings together scholars from various disciplines and fields of study. The IdA provides a forum for French and American researchers to develop new lines of thought on issues relevant to the Americas. We believe that multiple disciplinary, methodological and geographical approaches will allow scholars to innovate and to broaden the debate on questions related to Indigenous identities in the Americas.

- Amandine DeBruyker, Anthropologist - Institut des Amériques (IdA) Californian Hub
- Gaspar Rivera Salgado, Sociologist - UCLA Center for Labor Research and Education
- Shannon Speed, Anthropologist - UCLA American Indian Studies Center

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