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Pôle andin Lima

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« Priority lines »

The centre activities mainly focus on an understanding of the contemporary socio-political dynamics. In the last decadess, Andean countries, Peru in particular, have known significant changes (social, political, economic) and the objective is to understand their impact and their founding principles. This prospect involves the carrying out of and the involvement in events along with researches on the forms of social organisations and political rallying, as well as on the structure of public policy in a wide prospect, including a global understanding of the social dynamics and founding principles that structure them. Additionally, it allows an important collaboration with the French Institute of Andean Studies (Institut Français d’Etudes Andines – IFEA), as well as several collaborating institutions in Lima.

Besides, the centre is integrated in the French Institute of Andean Studies activities, for example through the co-organisation of a young research workers seminar. There are two purposes to this seminar: add value to the creation of work on human and social sciences on Andean countries, contribute to the socialisation of young research workers and provide an exchange and mutual aid space. It is in this that the centre wishes to contribute to the standing of research in human and social sciences and support the development of empirical works on Andean countries.

The centre’s involvement in the organisation of the Young Americanist Day is also the chance for the centre to strengthen its connections to other centres of the Americas Institute along with the research workers of the CEMCA and the Casa Velázquez.

The centre’s structure

The centre has been welcomed at the French Institute of Andean Studies in Lima since 1948. In 2018, the Institute will celebrate its 70 years anniversary, and the centre is entirely included in the events that will take place for this important date. The 3rd co-ordinator, Arthur Morenas, PhD student in political science at the University of Strasbourg, arrived at his post in October 2017 et will be here until 2020.

Thesis’ subject of Arthur MORENAS (University of Strasbourg, ED 519) : Social founding principles of the Peruvian model : socio-political analysis of economic policies in Peru. Under the supervision of Vincent Dubois.

French referent: Annick Lemperière, member of the scientific board of the IdA, history professor at the University Panthéon-Sorbonne, Paris 1

Local referent: Evelyne Mesclier, director of the IFEA

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