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Research priorities

The Canadian hub of the Institut des Amériques focuses its action on the enhancement of scientific and technical research related to the following topics: impacts of globalization on law, circulation of legal solutions, the humans rights, jurisdictional work, internationalization of law, legal identities and cultures, comparative law, etc. Those themes are not exclusive but they outline the framework in which the Canadian hub seeks to bring its main contribution until August 2020.

Structural overview

The Canadian hub is currently hosted by the Faculty of Arts and Sciences and the Center for International Studies and Research (CERIUM) of the University of Montreal (UdeM). The launch officially took place on October 8 & 9 in 2015, during the first international conference organized by the hub ("Canada-Quebec-Caribbean: Trans-American connexions").

Coordinator: Lise Brun, PhD student from the Université de Bordeaux (ED 41)

Her PhD dissertation: “Globalization through fundamental rights? Empirical study from the Canadian supreme Court case law.” Under the supervision of Noura Karazivan and Marie-Claire Ponthoreau.

IdA’s referent in France: Jean-Michel Lacroix, member of the IdA Scientific Board, professor emeritus of North-American civilization, Université Sorbonne Nouvelle, Paris 3

Local referents :

  • Frédéric Bouchard, dean of the Arts and Sciences Faculty of the University of Montreal
  • Gérard Boismenu, professor of political science at the University of Montreal
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