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Structural overview

The California hub is hosted by the University of California-Los Angeles. Its main purpose is to develop cooperation between French academic institutions, UCLA, and other California universities. The California Hub’s multidisciplinary approach spans anthropology, history, migration studies, and comparative literature, with a particular emphasis on Native American Studies.

Located on the premises of the Latin American Institute (Bunche Hall), the Hub has two local referents: Efrain Kristal, Director of the Department of Comparative Literature at UCLA, and Kevin Terraciano, director of the Latin American Institute. This partnership allowed for the organization of the conference "Pathway for Cooperation and Research in the Americas" which marked the inauguration of the hub in early 2015. Today, the hub continues to co-organize events on campus and to expand its network at UCLA and in Los Angeles.  

Eugénie Clément’s PhD dissertation“Anticapitalism and environmental Navajo fights: frictions, mobilizations, and negociations”, under the supervision of Sara Le Menestrel

IdA’s referents in France: 

  • Antoine Coppolani, member of the Scientific Board of the Institut des Amériques, professor in Contemporary History at Université Paul Valéry Montpellier 3
  • Sonia Lehman-Frisch, member of the Scientific Board of the Institut des Amériques, professor in Geography at Université Paris Nanterre

Local referents: 

  • Efraín Kristal, professor of Comparative Literature at UCLA
  • Kevin Terraciano, director of the UCLA Latin American Institute/professor of History
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