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Structural overview

The New England hub of the Institut des Amériques is located on the Boston College campus, within the Bureau of Global Engagement. Shep Melnick, professor of political science at BC, is the current local referent for the IdA. The New-England hub was launched on May 2nd and 3rd in 2014 as part of the seminar “Early Modern France and the Americas: Connected Histories” that took place at Boston College. This event was co-sponsored by the Institute for the Liberal Arts, the Clough Center for Constitutional Studies, the John Carter Brown Library, and the French General Consulate in Boston.


Coordinator: Maxime ANDRE, PhD student from Sciences Po Lyon.

Maxime André’s Phd dissertation: “The Job of the People”: socio-history of the partnership implementation of a social policy by the National Youth Administration and the YMCA in the United States (1935-1943).”, under the supervision of Gilles Pollet and Vincent Michelot (Sciences Po Lyon).

Research topics

The New England Center of the Institut des Amériques is developing around the topic of democracy, a theme that is at the core of the region’s political history. By focusing on promoting research projects that study the development of the American federal state and citizen participation, the New England Center aims at pushing forward a new take on the role of citizens in the implementation of American public policies.

In order to promote this topic, the New England Center of the Institut des Amériques is working towards the creation of a network uniting researchers around their will to put forth a new take on American political history. Thus, part of the Center’s activity is to encourage French and American researchers to share their personal experiences and unique approaches in order to enrich their respective academic projects. This endeavor takes the shape of a doctoral seminary gathering political science PhD candidates around their research projects.

IdA’s referent in France: Marie-Jeanne Rossignol, member of the Board of the Institut des Amériques, professor of American civilization at the Université de Paris.

Local referent: Shep Melnick, professor of American politics at Boston College.

Coordinateur - Pôle Nouvelle Angleterre

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