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The Institut des Amériques’ New England hub seeks to work on foreign policy of the 21st century matters. A highlight point is given to the United States, regarding of its relationship with Europe and the Middle East. A particular focus is also dedicated to Turkey, a rising state belonging both to Europe and the Middle East, with whom the US shares a “model partnership”.
Therefore, the IdA’s New England hub tries to collaborate with American/French/ Turkish scholars, as well as with politicians. The aim is to making known scholars researchs on such matters towards the political world and the civil society, without whom research won’t be useful. The current coordinator is looking forward the implementation of an event linking scholars-politician-civil society together around US foreign policy questions with regard to Europe, Turkey and the Middle East in 2018.

Structural overview

The IdA’s New England hub is held by Boston College, history department since 2013. Owen Stanwood, professor at BC, is the current IdA’s local referent.
The opening event of the hub took place on May 2-3 2014, “Early Modern France and the Americas : Connected Histories”. It has been co-sponsored by the Institute for the Liberal Arts, the Clough Center for Constitutional Studies, the John Carter Brown Library, and the French General Consulate in Boston.



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