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Action main lines:

The main lines of action focus on consolidating the Central America center scope by promoting scientific activities about topics such as patrimonialization, sustainable development and rural tourism in the countries of the region. The aim is to reinforce and valorize research in these fields of study, through a reflection about cocoa.

Presentation of the structure:

Officially launched in June 2012, in the framework of the 3rd Young Americanists’ Days, the Central America center is hosted by the Faculty of Social Sciences of the University of Costa Rica (UCR), in San José, Costa Rica.

Laura Henry’s thesis (University Sorbonne Nouvelle Paris 3, ED 122): The patrimonialization of cocoa in Costa Rica and in the Dominican Republic. Territorial qualification, sustainable development and social dynamics, under the supervision of Sébastien Velut.

French center supervisor: Patrice Vermeren, IdA Scientific Council member, professor of philosophy, University Paris 8 Vincennes Saint-Denis.

Local center supervisors: Manuel Martinez, dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences of UCR, and Adelino Braz, French Institute director for Central America (IFAC).

Scientific Supervisor : Tania Rodríguez, Research Professor, Departments of Political Sciences and Geography of the University of Costa Rica (UCR), Vice-director of the School of Political Sciences of the UCR


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