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The action main lines:

The Brazil center has three main lines of action:

1)      Its long term involvement in the RLS Energy network in order to confer it a social dimension

2)      Its association with the CIRAD local office of Belem in order to implement a closed cooperation

3)      The organization of cycles of annual scientific conferences about the topic of the Brazilian social entrepreneurship, particularly in the form of study days in various Brazilian towns.


Welcome structure :

The Brazil center was officially inaugurated in November 2010. It is located in the Faculty of Economy and Management of the University of Sao Paulo (FEA / USD). Since 2015, this center is coordinated by Cécile Petitgand, doctoral student in Management Sciences.

Cécile Petitgand’s thesis: “Social entrepreneurship in Brazil: reconciling social impact and economic efficacy in the service of social inclusion”, under the supervision of Isabelle Huault, Paris Dauphine University.

IdA supervisor: Hervé Théry, director of research at CREDA-CNRS, guest professor at USP 
Local center supervisors : Sandra Nitrini, Professor of the Department of Literary Theory and Comparative Literature, University of Sao Paulo

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