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Research priorities

To develop the IdA’s strategy of transdisciplinarity and transnationality, the Southern Cone center is structured around two axes.

Reinforcement of the partnerships with universities and institutions

In an academic point of view, the Southern Cone center contributes to reinforce the partnerships between French institutions of higher education and research and Argentinian, Uruguayan, Chilean, and Paraguayan faculties, promoting international mobility of French students and young researchers.

In an institutional point of view, the Southern Cone center works with the French Institute in Argentine, the University of Buenos Aires and the Franco Argentinian Centre of Advanced Studies. Sometimes, it could work with some local institutions to develop common projects.

Promotion of scientific research

The Southern Cone center organizes several academic activities (conferences, seminars, Congress, etc.) with the local partners, in order to promote and to increase scientific exchanges between France and the Conosur’s countries.

Structural organization

The Southern Cone center was created in 2018 thanks to a partnership between the French Institute of Argentina and the University of Buenos Aires about the integration of the IdA in the Franco Argentinian Center of High Studies (FAC). Since 1996, this Center works to develop scientific cooperation between French and Argentinian universities. Associated with the School for Advanced Studies in the social sciences and the Paris Cité University, the FAC is today a fundamental institution to promote the French research in all the Southern Cone’s countries.

Coordinator: Camille LAURENT, PhD student from the University Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne (ED 434)

Camille Laurent’s Phd dissertation: « Understanding the influence of the development international actors on constructing the "commons". The rural dry forests communities of the Argentinian Chaco. » Under the supervision of Pierre GAUTREAU.

The center's referents

In France: Florence Pinot, CERALE-ESCP’s director.

In Argentina: Christophe Giudicelli, Executive director for the French part of the Franco Argentinian Centre of High Studies.


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