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Caribbean Program

Within the framework of their association with the EU-LAC Foundation, FUNDGLOBE and the Institute of the Americas are developing a program of activities dedicated to reevaluate the role of the Caribbean in the UE-ALC bi-regional relation and to consolidate approaches in the domain of regional integrations and climate change in the Caribbean. 

Within this context, the following meetings were organized:

1) October 10th and 11th, 2012: “UE/ ALC bi-regional relations: perspectives and opportunities”, at FUNDGLODE, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. 

2) October 22nd, 2012: “Regional integration processes in the Caribbean and relations with Europe”, at the Maison de l’Amérique Latine, Paris, France.

3) May 14th, 2013: “The Caribbean and CELAC-EU strategy”, at ICHEC (IRELAC), Brussels, Belgium. 

4) February 19th, 2014: “Challenges in the Caribbean and relations with the European Union: Integration and sustainable development”, at FUNDGLOBE, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.  

The reflections and propositions given thanks to the organization of those four seminars will enable in 2014-15 to go forward with the realization of a common agenda for the Caribbean in association with the political leaders of the region, in the context of the relationship between UE- Caraïbe and UE-CELAC.


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