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Call for Papers - "The Sound of Silence in American Literature, Culture and Politics"

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XXXI Annual Conference of Polish Association for American Studies
October 23-25, 2019, University of Opole, Poland

The Sound of Silence in American Literature, Culture and Politics

The thematic focus of the XXXI Annual Polish Association for American Studies conference falls on cadences of speech and silence in American literature, culture and politics. In its original signification captured by the 1964 Simon and Garfunkel song, “the sound of silence” stands not only for thwarted communication, inability of people to communicate, the dissonance between speech and silence, but also alternative, non-verbal means of communication, hinting at a whole myriad of possibilities that the original curse of silence does not immediately suggest. Possible lines of investigation into the conference topic may include variations upon the following research themes:

-communication and dissonance traced in communication,
-verbal and non-verbal representation
-suppression of the voice and reclaiming of the voice,
-the unspeakable,
-the subaltern
-the significance of speech and silence in American Ethnic Literature,
-the Postmodern denigration and appraisal of various senses,
-gender studies related topics,
-submerged narratives,
-reading between the lines,
-survivor studies,
-trauma studies,
-the aural and the auditory versus the visual,
-transnational studies related topics,
-mnemonic techniques in oral poetry,
-the significance of speech and silence in public discourse and negotiations.

Please send an abstract of around three hundred words to paas2019@yahoo.com by April 30, 2019. For logistical reasons, the organizers appreciate all early submissions, even if they are not yet fully fledged paper proposals, but only paper topics. If you intend to come, send us your paper topic as early as possible and you will be able to supplement an abstract at a later date. Conference proceedings will be published in special issue journals catalogued across diverse academic research databases.

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