From June 2011 to February 2016, the Andean Bogota center was hosted in the Andean Parliament, where an active collaboration could be implemented in the spirit of a think tank.  On March 21th 2017, the cooperation framework agreement between IdA and the National University of Colombia was signed. The framework agreement plans the organization of scientific activities and exchange of professors between both institutions. Moreover, it encourages the realization of doctoral thesis in joint supervision between IdA member’s universities and the  Facultad de Ciencias Humanas of the National University.


Discover in 180 seconds the thesis of Élise Pic, coordinator of the Andean Bogotá center (2021-2024), PhD student at the University of Paris Nanterre (ED 141)


PHD dissertation topic: " Biocultural rights and pluralisms : a study based on the Colombian experience ", under the direction of Véronique Champeil-Desplats


The Andean Bogota Center is interested in questions of biocultural law, legal pluralism and the circulation of ecological norms, taking Colombia as its subject.  Biocultural rights are conceived as a bundle of pre-existing rights making it possible to think about the relations between the protection of local communities and the conservation of biodiversity.  The Colombian constitutional framework having recently consecrated the figure of nature in jurisprudence, Elise Pic aims to question the capacity of biocultural rights to constitute a gearing between ecological constitutional principles and the various local norms that concern nature.


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Et avant...

Les anciennes coordinatrices du pôle andin Bogota: 

Laetitia BRACONNIER MORENO (2018-2021) - Université Paris Nanterre

"Justice transitionnelle et pluralisme juridique. La juridiction spéciale pour la paix saisie par les groupes ethniques dans le cadre du post-conflit en Colombie" sous la direction des professeurs Véronique Champeil-Desplats et Camilo Borrero

Laura LEMA SILVA (2015-2018) - Université Lumière Lyon 2
"Les politiques de la langue en Colombie : littérature, mouvements sociaux et pensée critique latino-américaine" sous la direction d’Alvar de la Llosa.


Cristina MORENO (2012-2015) - Université Sorbonne Nouvelle Paris 3 
"La construction de l'État colombien au prisme de l'éducation: Nationalisation et modernisation pendant la République libérale 1930-1946" sous la direction d'Olivier Compagnon.

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