Since its creation in 2008, the Washington Center is hosted by Georgetown University.

Discover in 180 seconds the thesis of Tess Feyen, coordinator of the Washington center (2021-2024), PhD student at ENS-PSL (ED 540)


PhD dissertation topic : « The construction of ideology in language: discourses on police violence in English and in French. Case study: George Floyd and Adama Traoré cases.» under the direction of Alda Mari


The Washington Center directs its action towards the promotion of scientific and technical research linked to the following themes: linguistics, political discourse, subjectivity of language and police violence. Characterized by the expression of beliefs - whether religious or political - ideological discourse aims to guide external action. 

The coordinator’s thesis aims to study ideology in language, taking as a case study the speeches surrounding the deaths of George Floyd and Adam Traoré. By studying the context of occurrence of such speeches, and by highlighting the disparities as well as the similarities, of two cases. This research aims to understand how ideology emerges in political discourse by taking into account the fine mechanisms of construction of truth, and how these differences or commonalities could allow the development of a method of future analysis of the political speech.


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Les anciens coordinateurs du pôle Washington:

LAURA CAHIER (2018-2021) - Aix-Marseille Université

« Femmes autochtones des Amériques face aux violences : des demandes intersectionnelles de droits(s) à la co-production normative, un combat pour la reconnaissance », sous la direction d’Albane Geslin


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Michael STRICOF (2015-2018) - Aix Marseille Université
« Le dividende de la paix et la reconversion militaro-industrielle pendant l'administration Clinton, 1993-2001 », sous la direction d'Isabelle Vagnoux. 


Floriane BLANC (2012-2015) - Aix Marseille Université 
« Les relations militaires entre les Etats-Unis et le Chili, 1947-1973 » sous la direction d'Isabelle Vagnoux.